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TrustCloud Hub Onboarding

TrustCloud VideoID capabilities, for both assisted and unassisted services, allow a group of entities to share the same technology in an onboarding process

Costs are drastically reduced

In a complex structure of entities, where there may or may not be a dominant organization, unifying the tools to complete onboarding is an remarkable advantage. Production and system start-up costs are drastically reduced, and the group of banks benefits from an extra layer of security by not having to rely on several different external vendors.

Access permissions to the entire organization’s tools and internal departments

Banking institutions, whose structure is made up of a private banking department, a financial services department, a mortgage department, an insurance department, etc., find TrustCloud orchestration capabilities the most suitable solution for managing not only onboarding, but also access permissions to the entire organization’s tools and internal departments, with their distinct levels of security.

Use Case: Hub Onboarding with TrustCloud