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TrustCloud Video Sales

Online shopping assistance for the purchase of products that require special guidance

TrustCloud offers top technology that can be of great help to the retail sector. Companies have the opportunity to entrust their shopping guidance service to the TrustCloud platform. A platform that provides the necessary methods for the customer to easily access a sales assistant, via video call, to assist them in their shopping process.

One-click assistance

Let’s think that the customer wants to buy a laptop computer. The purchase of this type of consumer good usually produces concerns for the buyer. When facing the offer, it’s quite common to find it difficult to make a decision. With one single click, the buyer will be connected to a centralized system where the retailer’s very own staff will provide information on the equipment available, study the options that best fit the shopper’s needs, make a price comparison, and describe the functionalities. The buyer will even be able to share a screen with them and give them direct control of the operation.

Facilitates daily life processes

Once the user’s doubts have been cleared, if needed, the assistant will also accompany the user during the payment process of the product, clarifying any questions that may arise until the purchase is closed.

TrustCloud facilitates everyday processes that are sometimes cumbersome, and works side by side with companies to optimize their sales, avoid losing potential customers, and enjoy a strong and familiar brand image.

Use Case: Video Sales whit TrustCloud