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TrustCloud Video Rent

Applications for moratorium rentals in just 10 minutes

In collaboration with PwC Tax & Legal Services, TrustCloud has designed an specific solution for the Spanish market which, in a few minutes, allows large real estate companies to manage requests for modification of rent or moratorium through its TrustCloud Video Rent platform.

Thus, following up on compliance with Royal Decree Law 11/2020 of 31 March, which adopts urgent complementary measures in the social and economic field to address the COVID-19, large real estate holders can manage the right to reduce or moratorium the rental income of those in a situation of vulnerability, through a single platform that handles all the processes.

Unprecedented features

  1. Users will receive the request for a moratorium or reduction through a simple form that allows them to attach the necessary documentation and to send and sign the requests.
  2. Video identification of the applicant and submission of the proposal for signature.
  3. Verification of the authenticity of the identification documents.
  4. Receiving the proposal and subsequent actions.
  5. Availability via mobile phone or computer.
  6. Custody of evidence and traceability of the entire transaction for the purpose of resolving possible future problems.
  7. Full technical and legal security of the tenant’s identity and control of the signature of the documents throughout the process.

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